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"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood". 
-Fred Rogers

LITTLE TENNEESEES- 1 / 2 Year Old  Class

Our little ones are always on the go and full of energy. We enjoy playing outside and many other activities throughout the day like reading, sorting, stacking, climbing, playing with riding toys, throwing balls and building with blocks. Our low child staff ratio allows for us to work closely with our toddlers on cognitive development and on motor skills with lots of energy to spare.

– Ms. Mapi, Mrs. Katie


NANTAHALAS- 2 / 3 Year Old Class

“Having a 2 year old is a lot like having a blender without a lid.” That being said they are also a tremendous amount of fun. While having all of this fun they are also learning about their world. In our classroom we work on developing self-help and social skills. We use modeling and reinforcement, and encourage their independence. We also work on number and letter concepts as well as prewriting and problem solving skills. This is also the age that potty training begins. We always follow the child’s lead and try to make it a positive experience. We have a lot of fun in the two year old class getting messy and exploring the world around us. We dance, sing, read and do lots of our door activities using all these experiences to learn something new.

– Mrs. Maria, Ms. Miracle


PEE DEES - 3 / 4 Year Old Class

Congratulations! You’ve survived the “terrible twos” and made it to the “thrilling threes!” At this age, children are highly inquisitive and love to explore and use their ever-evolving imaginations.    Utilizing NC Foundations and Creative Curriculum as our guides, we provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment to help our students in their social, physical, cognitive and language development.  Some of our favorite activities are sorting and counting, singing and dancing, painting, going on discovery walks, reading and writing, building with blocks, riding bikes and making predictions.  We embrace family input…so please feel free to offer your thoughts and ideas!

– Mrs. Colleen and Mrs. Carrie


SWANNANOAS - 4 / 5 Year Old Class

As teachers our main goal is getting the children ready for Kindergarten and we do this primarily by working on social skills; without social skills, the children cannot excel in future academics. To be successful in life is to get along with others; respect, manners and kindness are the beginnings of that success. We are fun loving teachers who teach respectable morals. We celebrate diversity and believe we are all one.

–Mrs. Misty and Mrs. Rose

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