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Katelyn Hanrahan

Mapi Mendoza-Worley

“To be tomorrow in the memory of your children, you must be present in their lives today!”

“Work every day as if it were the first day of your work, with neatness and responsibility”


I have been working in childcare for almost 7 years. I teach because children deserve their best chance at a successful life. To teach is to learn more and gain experience, and the satisfaction of seeing the achievements. I love free time playing, interacting with each child. It is the best way to cultivate confidence in each one, and I also receive gestures of gratitude such as hugs, smiles, joy, and more… Someday, I would love to study to be a social worker, to help children, seniors, and young people at risk but for now I want to learn better ways to teach. When I am not at work, I like to organize my home and listen to my daughter read to me.

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